Monday, July 31, 2006

It Is Really Hot

And it looks as if there is no relief in sight - 91 today and 94 tomorrow with heat indexes as high as 104. At least we have air conditioning and James Lileks to help keep it in perspective.

LILEKS (James) :: the bleat: "Welcome to the humidor. These are the days of which we dream in deep January, but once they are upon us we curse them. Some do, anyway. I never complain about hot weather, partly because it's useless, and mostly because it's boring. It could be worse; I could be living 80 years ago, in which case I'd probably be wearing canvas underwear and a thick wool coat, my Wicking Hat and "Care-Free" neck cinch, which could only be relaxed after sundown when the ladies had retired. I would have no air conditioning; I would have one underpowered fan that shoved humid air in my face like a damp towel; I would have a damp towel, on my neck; I would have exhausted the ice allotment long ago, and would be sitting in the dark room with the radio off, because the tubes heated up the house. Sundown would be met by weary cheers from the porches adjacent. Every hour or so, you'd hear the dull thud of a horse passing out. No, I don't complain about the heat."

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