Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday Indeed

Please take a few minutes to read E.J. Dionne's column in today's Washington Post. The article has received high praise from many commentators and is worthy of your time. But the best comment I have seen was e-mailed to Katheryn Jean Lopez who shared it on The Corner:

"Long time Corner reader, first time emailer. There's a nice plug for Michael Novak by E.J. Dionne in today's Washington Post . Dionne calls Novak's March 19th piece in National Review "one of the best critiques of neo-atheism".There's something amusing about an Evangelical Calvinist professor emailing a Catholic editor of a conservative magazine on Good Friday to tout a Catholic theologian reviewing a new atheist author highlighted in a liberal newspaper. Ain't the Internet grand? "

I'll go one step further and ask "Where else in the world could you find this many people of differing viewpoints peacefully collaborating on and debating religious issues amongst themselves without government interference?"


Anonymous said...

Or without AK-47s.

Country Squire said...


That was pretty much my point. While I would be the first one to admit that our country is not perfect; in my opinion, our Constitutional Republic is a much more desirable form of government than socialism, communism or a seventh century religious theocracy.

What confuses me is the tendency of those on the Left to side with mullahs against this country using the very freedoms guaranteed by our government which would be unavailable to them if their arguments prevailed. Just exactly how well do you think Rosie O’Donnell would do in Iran?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Marissa said...

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