Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Definitive Word

In their editorial on September 11th The Wall Street Journal provided the definitive word on the MoveOn.Org/New York Times tactics (emphasis added):

"Important as was yesterday's appearance before Congress by General David Petraeus, the events leading up to his testimony may have been more significant. Members of the Democratic leadership and their supporters have now normalized the practice of accusing their opponents of lying. If other members of the Democratic Party don't move quickly to repudiate this turn, the ability of the U.S. political system to function will be impaired in a way no one would wish for. "

" calls itself a "progressive" political group, but it is in fact drawn from the hard left of American politics and a pedigree that sees politics as not so much an ongoing struggle but a final competition. Their Web-based group is new to the political scene, but its politics are not so new. More surprising and troubling are the formerly liberal institutions and politicians who now share this political ethos."

"In an editorial on Sunday, the New York Times, after saying that President Bush "isn't looking for the truth, only for ways to confound the public," asserted that "General Petraeus has his own credibility problems." We read this as an elision from George Bush, the oft-accused liar on WMD and all the rest, to David Petraeus, also a liar merely for serving in the chain of command. With this editorial, the Times establishes that the party line is no longer just "Bush lied," but anyone who says anything good about Iraq or our effort there is also lying. As such, the Times enables and ratifies's rhetoric as common usage for Democrats."

Be sure to read the entire editorial.


I.M. Bewildered said...

Wow. This really is a perfect description of "". I never joined them and I could never quite articulate why, but this article says it all.

It would be great if liberal intellectuals still existed. is good evidence that there is no longer a place for thoughtful discourse.

Country Squire said...

I could not agree more. There has been an unfortunate escalation of this shrill type of rhetoric on all sides of the debate which has marginalized “thoughtful discourse” in our political process. Attacks of this nature need to be confronted or we will all surely lose in the end.