Monday, October 29, 2007

Are You A "Mainstream" Environmentalist?

"Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 for each statement below, with 10 meaning that you strongly agree with the statement and 1 meaning you strongly disagree.

______ A healthy environment should be able to coexist with a healthy, growing economy.
______ Investments in science and technology will generate solutions to most of our environmental problems.
______ Incentives should be offered to encourage corporations to clean up the environment.
______ Most disagreements about the environment can be resolved through the art of compromise.
______ Governments can play an important role in fostering and incentivizing a healthy environment but lose support when they are too controlling.
______ Democracies have been far better environmental stewards than totalitarian states.
______ Corporate and private philanthropy is essential to the success of a global environmental movement.
______ Most of us have been taught to respect and protect the natural world.
______ Political leadership will be defined in the twenty- first century by having a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.
______ America must be a global leader on environmental issues.

If you scored higher than 70, you qualify to be labeled a ''mainstream environmentalist'' and it makes A Contract with the Earth the perfect for you."

The author - Newt Gingrich.


Matt said...

Hello Country Squire, I just thought I owed it to you to post a comment seeing as I enjoyed reading your blogs so much. You have many interests the same as myself, Pheasent shooting and fly fishing being my favourites. Is it rivers that you fly fish for trout? We have lakes that get stocked with rainbow trout over here in Wales in the UK. It seems to be cheating because the art is in locating the fish in rivers but on a lake that is stocked regularly you just cast and hopefully you'll catch them (or not in my case).

Anyway just thought I'd post you a comment.

Catch loads!!

Country Squire said...

Hi Matt,

I am glad to count you among my admittedly small readership. I guess my real question is "How did you find me?"

Anyway, in answer to your question, I usually fly fish in streams or rivers. While I do, from time to time, wet a line in the pond on our property, I usually reserve those fish (bass mostly) for my young nieces and nephews. All the better to get them hooked on fishing at a really young age and drive their non-fishing parents crazy.

I live in Ohio which is not known for its trout streams. However, the surrounding states have wonderful and in some cases legendary (for the US) trout streams - so we need to travel when we want to fly fish.

It seems we catch the same amounts of fish as well. Just remember, the fishing is always good - sometimes the catching leaves a little to be desired …

Please drop by and comment again. It is always nice to hear from readers.