Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blogs Of Interest

I have been reading some new (to me) blogs lately, many of which I have been re-posting here, so I thought I would pass them along with a few comments:

Post Secret - This blog isn't news to many as it is certainly a web phenom. I enjoy some of the "secrets" more than others though I seldom miss it on Sunday mornings.

American Digest - I find in Gerard Van der Leun's writing, political stance and sense of humor a kindred spirit. I read American Digest daily.

Wired - The Rolling Stone of the on-line world.

TED - I love the concept behind TED; put cutting edge thinkers, techies and entertainers all in one bag, shake, and see what happens.

Shoplift Windchimes - The poet Rives on-line home (whom I found at TED). He has so much fun with words and concepts. I have never been interested in poetry or spoken word but this could lead me somewhere new.

Sippican Cottage - Sippican Cottage just needs to be experienced. Extra dry wit and furniture indeed.

Bitten - I was told about New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman's blog by our young miss who kept encouraging me to read it. Bittman always has interesting recipes as well as links to other food related sites on the web. The original home of the no knead bread recipe.

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