Saturday, September 27, 2008


As this election cycle begins its final decent I am seriously considering disengaging from the entire process until November though I will, of course, retain my right to try and persuade others to vote as I will. Perhaps I am a casualty of a presidential race that began in earnest two years ago or maybe I am just disgusted by all of the negativity in politics which always seems to reach a jet engine crescendo about now. But nothing is likely to happen before Election Day that will cause me to change my mind or my vote so I must learn to live with the heavy burden of being the antithesis of the “undecided” voter.

I have never understood the undecided voter – maybe ignorance truly is bliss, though I have found that this Republic of ours requires a great deal of citizen supervision. Since I realize that politics is not everyone’s passion I would like to offer this as a patriotic public service to all of you “undecided’s” out there.

Country Squire’s Common Sense Guide
to Selecting a Political Candidate

To use the guide, merely vote for the political candidate whose positions most closely resemble the following criteria:

Supports a Strong Military.
Supports Lower Taxes and Less Regulation.
Supports a Smaller and More Efficient Government.
Supports Personal Responsibility and Self Sufficiency at Home.
Supports Freedom, Representative Government and Capitalism Abroad.

Repeat at every election.

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