Friday, March 20, 2009

Government Run By Fools

The Barrister over at Maggie's Farm nails it:

"Most Americans, unlike Europeans, are emotionally mature enought to be willing to see that government is not run by their betters, but by cowardly morons - often by cowardly moronic narcissists who could never handle a real, demanding job in which their added value could be measured.

The widespread recognition of that is one thing that distinguishes America from nations with monarchic, dictatorial, and dependency traditions.

Hope springs eternal from the human breast, though, doesn't it? Even from those who know better.

I have felt disgusted and embarassed by our federal government and the administration over the past few weeks. We posted earlier today that these people could not run a successful candy shop, much less the government. But they have not shown that they can even run their own lives honestly and effectively. That's why I want them as far as possible from my medical care, my investments, my business, and my pocketbook - and from everything else in my life. Please - do me no favors."

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