Saturday, October 17, 2009

Celebrity Shoppers

I was reading a post about Mick Jagger shopping in a toy store and what an SOB he was to the staff. As I paged through the comments which were filled with similar stories I came upon this one:

scifijazznik October 15, 2009 2:16 PM Reply
I worked at Amoeba Music in Hollywood a few years back and we got all kinds of celebrity shoppers. James Spader and Jim Jarmusch were fairly regular, with Spader wearing one of the best "I'm totally inconspicuous" hats ever. In addition to the hundreds of in-stores, we had a lot of rockstar shoppers like Tom Petty & Dwight Yoakum. But one of the best was Robert Plant. As he shopped, everyone maintained a very respectful distance. When he checked out, the guy at the register said something like "I can't believe I'm selling music to Robert Plant." To which he said "Kind of a mind-fuck, isn't it?"

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