Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 – It’s Been Quite The Year

It’s been one year since we left the city for the country and we seem to have taken root here rather quickly. We left a city with over 10,000 people per square mile for a township with 164. The pace of life here is distinctly slower and much more polite.

We have searched the whole year long for a “downside” to our new way of life and have been unable to find it. Though M’Lady now has an hour drive to work instead of 15 minutes she says she can greet the neighbors cows, sheep and chickens every morning, take a drive in the country twice a day and her smile gets wider the closer to home she gets. It’s all in your perspective.

We took the first year to get familiar with our new home at M’Lady’s suggestion and a sound piece of advice it was as I am always the one to quickly implement “grandiose plans”. While I was restrained from making major changes we did manage to get some building accomplished and we became beekeepers in the bargain. Next year there are plans for a large vegetable garden, more fruit trees and chickens. Slowly, but surely, we are making this home into our dream.

Here’s hoping that 2006 was as much a blessing to you and yours as it has been to me and my family.

I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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