Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blog Of The Week

I have been nominated for "Blog Of The Week" honors at Dancing On Colette's Grave. While this is a somewhat nepotistic honor, I accept it none the less. In return, I have linked to Colette and encourage you to visit her site. As with Truth, For A Change, you will find them to be a change of pace from the postings here.

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Colette said...

(*blushes furiously*)

While it may be indeed somewhat nepotistic on my part - and had I known your 'secret identity' I would have linked to you sooner - you very much deserve my nomination for 'Blog of the Week' for your ability to 'hold your own' to not be dissuaded from your *OWN* beliefs and your values, and, most importantly, for showing that you are a highly intelligent and cultured individual.

The point to doing what we do with our blogs/journals etc, IS to discover the diversity amongst us, and while at times that may seem divisive - should not serve to conquer that fact that each person's unique sense of self is what makes life worth living - in my humble opinion - it's what makes us more endearing and more human - if we were all clones of each other imagine how boring life would be....

Thanks for linking back, Squire.