Friday, March 23, 2007

Cassandra Strikes Back

Cassandra at Villainous Company had this to say to a commentator that provoked her earlier today:
"Oooh. dgf is out of patience with the war.

Please conceal your shock.

The vast cohort of Americans who aren't doing a blessed thing to contribute to the war effort has been heard from, and so once again we must scurry to "listen" to their concerns. They are "tired"!

No one ever thinks to ask the folks on the pointy end of the spear, the ones doing the work, the ones actually on the scene whether they think it's worth it, whether they've had enough yet.

No - dgf is tired and really really pissed off so for God's sake let's pull out now.

Hey dgf - since you are taking such an active interest, why don't you call all the widows and tell them their husbands died for a country that didn't really mean any of the crap they told their husbands - you know, the "you're fighting for something important to this nation".

Because in the end, it was all bullshit and anyone who puts their life on the line for America is a fucking idiot. Because America has ADD and can't keep an objective in mind for more than 15 seconds."

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