Sunday, August 05, 2007

From Kossacks to Centrists?

This ridiculous statement is being reported at Pajama's Media (emphasis added):
"At his opening day press conference for the annual YearlyKos Convention in Chicago, Kos told the assemblage: “There is no Jesse Jackson wing of the Democratic Party anymore. We are the center.”

Someone ought to have pointed out to Markos that if he and his "progressives" are "the center" then he has a much larger political problem than he originally thought - because that means the vast majority of this country is to his right. And always has been.

Markos also said this during his keynote address at YearlyKos:
"I’m given a great deal of credit for our movement’s success. But let’s be brutally honest – what I’ve done is... build a website.
Let me say that again – my chief accomplishment the past five years has been building a website."

The second quote certainly illuminates the first.

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