Sunday, August 12, 2007

Would You Accept A Glass Of Kool-Aid From These People?

This article has to be read in its entirety to be fully appreciated - How We Won the Mainstream By Susan Gardner and Markos Moulitsas, published in yesterdays Washington Post. I swear, if I read these fools touting their role in Ned Lemont's primary victory over Sen. Joe Lieberman, one of the last truly decent men in the Democratic Party, ever again.... It is unfortunate for our entire electoral process that these political neophytes fail to recognize who currently represents the state of Connecticut in the United States Senate - AND IT AIN'T NED LEMONT.

But its the dawn of a new age in Progressive politics don't you know.

"In fact, we pushed the party so far left that we positioned it squarely in the American mainstream and last year won a historic, sweeping congressional victory, something the "centrist" groups had been unable to accomplish for decades -- not even in the DLC's glory days of the 1990s."


Anyone that believes this unadulterated nonsense is in for a really unpleasant, life-altering, political awakening. The claims made in this article are based on the thinnest of political resumes and can only be promulgated by those drinking from their own personal gallon-sized Kool-Aid container.

All I want is a front row seat to watch this entire juggernaut crater and burst into flames.

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