Friday, June 13, 2008

Ceci n'est pas un compliment.

Examples courtesy of The Surrealist Compliment Generator:

"The goats you buy shed a perfume that makes Marxism so terribly clear to me."

"Your petulance is seduction unto extinction."

"The perils of your eyelashes torture my libido into a state of crass belief in Roman Catholicism."

"The seared runes crossing your divided consciousness do speak of contemptuous cardinals setting a Spanish villa ablaze."

"You are the sound of one lip kissing."

"Timepieces could not know your age."

"So charmingly heathen, your skin is like a teardrop on a popsickle."

"What beautiful negligence you wear!"

"Your intelligence attains the grand summation of molecular motion at absolute zero."

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