Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Greatest Student Prank In History

Since the young squire is a budding mechanical engineer, he will be particularly interested in this highly imaginative prank. I must agree with TigerHawk that the school administrators of today would lack a sense of humor about something like this.

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Coldie said...

in my high school, they played 2 unforgettable senior pranks.. the first was releasing pigs in the school.. one with the number 1 painted on it, and another with the number 3.. it took the school officials at least 5 hrs to figure out there was no #2 pig...
the second prank was, all the freshman lockers were on the main floor, so they somehow got a key to open them all ( we had lockers where you didn't supply the lock.) and they placed live rats in the lockers, so that when ppl opened the lockers they came rushing out !!