Friday, September 11, 2009

In My E-Mail

I recently received an e-mail from Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee Chairman entitled "Voice your patriotism: Remind the Democrats who they work for...". In this smarmy e-mail Steele asks me to send a “virtual postcard” to the Democrats telling them “I won’t tolerate their socialist power grab”. Steele then reminds me “Our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Those aren't just fancy words. They are the bedrock upon which our republic was founded. Whether power hungry officials in the White House and on Capitol Hill like it or not, they are to serve the interests of the people -- not the other way around.” And “That's why you still need to show your support for the principled position of fiscal restraint, personal responsibility, and unfettered liberty as opposed to the Obama Democrats in Washington who are trying to force leftist "change" upon our country. Oh, and don’t forget to make a contribution to the Republican Party.

Here is the response I sent:

Dear Mr. Steele,

You are as breathtakingly ignorant as the Democrats. Take me off this ridiculous mailing list and never bother me with these pathetically disguised money requests again. For your information, any attempt on your part to co-opt the grass roots protest movement going on in this country will not end well for you. In case you didn't notice, Conservatives didn't wait for or accept marching orders from the GOP. You and your party are as much to blame for the current state of affairs as the Democrats.

Rest assured, when we come to Washington, we're coming for all of you!

A plague on both your houses.

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