Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The View

I am greatly concerned about TV shows like this. Unfortunately, this has to be seen to be believed.

I will follow this up with a more comprehensive post shortly. Though I will say that this buttresses my argument for rescinding women's suffrage.

Also, please see The Anchoress' take on Joyce Behar's ridiculous list of President Bush's impeachable offenses. The woman is a moron. Especially, if it's true because Al Gore and Jimmy Carter say so!

And, yes Rosie, we do think you think the troops are terrorists - along with all of your wing nut friends. You support the troops, my ass.


Meg said...

ughhhh did you actually watch the whole clip? I couldn't get past the part about big fat lesbian Rosie attacks pure little innocent Christian girl... My head hurts from just that much.

Country Squire said...

Well, if you thought that was the bottom of the barrel, you'll be happy to know that Rosie has taken all of her marbles (or those she has left) and gone home. She will not be appearing daily on The View anymore. Her contract would have expired in three weeks anyway.

And now for the collective yawn...