Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Peaceable Kingdom

Years ago our young miss was given a tee shirt with all of the animals you would find in a small zoo arranged in a group portrait with the title "The Peaceable Kingdom". I have always been amused by people that function under the illusion that animals treat each other better than humans treat each other. Watch this video and then tell me it's not a jungle out there!


Rodrigo said...
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Coldie said...

aww, i hate seeing a comment on someones blog, and then not seeing it! Anyways, animals are no where near to being nice to one another.. they once were, but that was before sin began, before death and sufering, and I can not wait to be with Jesus on the day that it will all come back!

Country Squire said...


How's your Spanish?

Mine isn't very good so I removed the comment which I found attached to this post because it was in Spanish.

I am, after all, an English only blog with the occasional French phrase thrown in there so your mom keeps coming back!

Coldie said...

HA, now thats funny.. why did he leave a spanish comment... how very odd... Mabey He was telling you to change your blog to spanish? I can read, or speak any language other then English, and im Luck I pull that off!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.