Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why I Don't Go To The Movies Anymore

I think JD Johannes pretty well summarizes my feelings about the recent spate of Iraq war films - as well as why I won't be in the audience:

"Every morning I go to the gym and run on the treadmill.

Every morning I am subjected to at least a dozen commercials for the new anti-war movie 'Lions for Lambs.'

Despite spending several million dollars on advertising and marketing, 'Lions for Lambs' will flop--just like 'Rendition' & and 'Valley of Elah.'

They will flop because the human psyche, especially the American variety, prefers real heroes--like the original hero of the Valley of Elah, a young shepherd named David who killed Goliath then cut off the giant's head.

In the latest round of war movies the heroes are not the Soldiers and Marines who every day fight and defeat a vicious and barbaric enemy--the heroes are reporters, lawyers and activists.

And since every story requires a villain, the real enemy--Mohammedan Jihadists--are replaced by neo-cons, politicians, Soldiers and Marines.

This substitution of the traditional mono-myth away from a hero who faces physical danger and conquers an enemy is a result of cowardice of the modern story tellers."

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