Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ferraro and the Democrats

Rush Limbaugh made these comments about Geraldine Ferraro on his show this afternoon (emphasis added):

"George Neumayr who writes today in the American Spectator on this whole Ferraro flap, has a great point. "Since liberalism is not based upon natural justice but willfulness, [liberalism] never fails to devour its supposed beneficiaries. Ferraro's condescension captures the tone of paternalistic liberalism perfectly. Its 'victims' should know their place and plot their ascent according to the progressive charts set up by the white liberal establishment," meaning Obama has reached too far here. So even though this is the party of affirmative action, the party that tells us that this equals fairness, when this fairness affects them, guess what? Somebody like Geraldine Ferraro says he's only there because he's black. That's what she said -- and now, she's mad that people are upset at her. Now, you could look at this in any number of ways. Obama is receiving 90% of the black vote in the Democrat primary. Why is that? Are the differences between Obama and Hillary on policy so different? They're not. Why are most women voting for Hillary? What is the party of segregation? You tell me. What is the real party that segregates people and puts them into groups and makes victims out of them?

It's the Democrat Party, and now they're being done in by their own policies, by their own beliefs. They end up eating themselves with this. Of course we're helping out with the Rush the Vote and the continual chaos that we're causing, but they're doing a lot to help this along themselves. I mean, to be honest here, Hillary Clinton wouldn't be where she is but for the fact that she has "Bill Clinton's wife" on her résumé and that she's a woman. Obama would not have received the kind of attention he's received from the media for who he is, would he? We can't ask this question? We're being told we can't ask the question. Geraldine Ferraro can't say this. But it looks to me like most of the blacks are voting for him, most of the women are voting for her. That party is segregated. There's no policy difference, so what's going on here? "

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