Saturday, March 15, 2008

Free Tibet

This is what happens when you allow the Olympic Games to be held in a communist country. I can't imagine why the monks would take advantage of this opportunity to give their communist oppressors the finger. But we shouldn't boycott the games because it would only hurt athletes, don't you know. Mr. Rogge wants to disassociate himself and the Olympics from politics. Good luck with that Jacques - let us know how that works out for you. In the meantime we should walk away from this cluster now (emphasis added):

"International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge poured cold water Saturday on calls for a boycott of the Summer Games in Beijing over China's crackdown in Tibet, saying it would only hurt athletes.

"We believe that the boycott doesn't solve anything," Rogge told reporters on this Caribbean island. "On the contrary, it is penalizing innocent athletes and it is stopping the organization from something that definitely is worthwhile organizing."

Demonstrations against Chinese rule in Tibet on Friday—the most violent riots there in nearly two decades—left at least 30 protesters dead, according to a Tibetan exile group. China ordered tourists out of Tibet's capital and troops patrolled the streets on Saturday.

On a six-day tour of the Caribbean, Rogge expressed condolences for the victims and said he hopes calm will be restored immediately. He declined to say whether the committee would change its stance if violence continues or more people are killed.

"The International Olympic Committee has consistently resisted calls for a boycott of the Olympic games," Rogge said."


Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with communism? One could also justify boycotting any competition with US athletes based on the fact that the US is an invading, occupying force in Iraq.

China's involvement in Darfur and Tibet, the USA's illegal, immoral war in Iraq aside, boycotting the Olympics would accomplish nothing except reciprocal boycotts in future olympics (witness the US boycott many years ago and the subsequent boycott of the US olympics by Eastern Bloc countries).

We need to take every opportunity possible to connect and converse with other countries, even those we call our enemies, or be prepared to accept the status quo indefinately.

Country Squire said...

First, thanks for stopping and leaving a comment.

Second, if I have to explain what this has to do with communism you missed the entire point of the post.

Third, your ability to equate the last remaining communist superpower and "the USA's illegal, immoral war in Iraq" merely confirms your willful misunderstanding of geopolitics.

And last, we need the Olympics to “connect and converse with other countries, even those we call our enemies”? Why wait four years for the opportunity to conduct an international kumbaya-fest – I thought that was what we had the United Nations for.

Coldie said...

i wouldnt step a foot into china if i was an athlete, myself... infact you couldnt pay me enough money to go there... not cause their communists, or worse terrorists then even iraq.. but cause im a white woman, and white american woman tend to disappear in places like that and get sold on a black market, lol.