Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Olympic Meanderings

Since it seems I have a reader who does not appreciate my opinion that we should support the Tibetans and walk away from the Olympics here are some comments from John Derbyshire at NRO. I especially like the comment about Taiwan as well as the observation that the Chinese are going to have trouble controlling free people:

Smash The Running Dogs Of Olympicism! [John Derbyshire]

The fuss over Tibet is getting interesting. I still doubt that a big Olympic flop could bring down the communist government of China, and of course Tibet might be forgotten again a news cycle or two from now, having no oil, and with a population insufficiently barbarous, and a religion insufficiently dogmatic to produce terrorists. Still, a boycott of the opening ceremony by leaders of free nations might actually come off. The French seem to be seriously pondering it.

All sort of other ideas for embarrassing the ChiCom gangsters are buzzing around. Some are suggesting, for example, that athletes simply not show up for the opening ceremonies. (They are not required to by their Olympic contract.) There is also the idea, which I rather like, that an entire national team might shave their heads the night before the ceremony to show solidarity with Tibetan monks and nuns, the bravest and most persecuted of Tibetan patriots.

At the Olympics, the Maoists will be dealing with free people from free nations, and there is only so much they can do to control them. It's not clear they understand this. They've been living for decades in a bubble of unchallenged power, and are not very imaginative. The opportunities for embarrassment are endless, and the prospect of it very delicious to anyone who loves liberty. Personally, I hope their stinking Olympics is a huge fiasco, and I see encouraging signs it may be.

Smash the Running Dogs [John Derbyshire]

This would really spoil the commies' Olympic fun:

Mr. Derbyshire: Frankly, I would enjoy seeing Taiwan declare independence on the opening day, if they really wanted to muck up the PRC's Olymipcs …

[Me] Not likely, unfortunately. The Taiwanese are a trading people & want to keep the status quo going. It would put an almighty wrench in the works, though.

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