Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nanny State 101

The mayor of Clayton, CA, Gregg Manning, sent police officers to close down a vegetable stand operated by two young children because it didn't comply with city ordinances. Not only that but the city council, after receiving a petition to re-open the stand, produced a 19 page report that basically said "Follow the rules like everyone else."

Now, I understand the need for certain societal rules and in many cases I am a firm supporter of those rules. But when the power of the state (or in this case a city of 11,000 souls) reaches this invasive a level it might be time to consider reining that power in.

These two sisters were getting a real life experience in capitalism by selling the extra produce from their family's garden. Now they're getting an up-close look at what happens when regulation out runs common sense.

Perhaps their parents should consider teaching them a valuable civics lesson in civil disobedience.

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