Friday, August 29, 2008

New Music

I get most of my new music from two sources these days; my children and NPR's All Songs Considered. I use All Songs Considered to audition songs. If I don't like the first thirty seconds I'm on to the next tune.

I can also say that I am not a fan of a great deal of the new music I hear because it just doesn't speak to me the way music did back when I became a serious listener. But every once in a while I hear something that just jumps out at me and the most recent example is a song by Jenny Lewis called "Acid Tongue". The song's harmonies, provided by Chris Robinson of The Black Crows among others, and the out front production work took an otherwise plain vanilla folk tune to a completely different level. Give it a listen here and see if you don't agree.

Acid Tongue is the second solo effort for Lewis who is also a member of Rilo Kiley. Her first solo album was Rabbit Fur Coat which garnered a great deal of high praise from the critics.

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