Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by John McCain's pick of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska to be his running mate. Palin is exactly the type of conservative woman that will enable women to hold the highest offices in the nation. Just remember which party appointed the first female Supreme Court justice and black female Secretary of State. I also love the fact that McCain has taken the "historical" nature of Obama's candidacy off the table; now whichever ticket eventually wins will be historical.

Yes, Palin's political resume is not exactly overflowing but she has more executive experience than all of the candidates on either ticket. I know many have already said that her nomination removes Obama's inexperience as an issue. But I think the defining difference between them is obvious - Obama wants to be President. And in this season of thin resumes "An interesting angle from (Instapundit) reader Frank Martin:

Question: Which state borders the Former Soviet Union?

Hey, will you look at that?, 2 years of foreign policy experience."

The largest benefit I see from Palin running with McCain is that she is a conservative. If she follows her principles then this will be an inspiring and inspired choice by the McCain campaign.
Update: M'Lady, who only follows politics out of a sense of duty to yours truly, perhaps made the most salient point about the Palin selection when she said "Just exactly how many of these people have been president?"

When the legendary Cleveland sportscaster Casey Coleman was asked about a certain teams chances, when on paper it appeared they didn't have a pray, he said "That's why we play them on grass."

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