Sunday, December 30, 2007

Book Blogging

I am enjoying my holiday downtime by clearing the decks of a few books which, surprise, surprise, are not historical, political or biographical. All in preparation for settling into my winter reading of the first two volumes of Winston Churchill's official biography which has just been reprinted by Hillsdale College Press and gifted to me by my wonderful children.

Richard Russo is my long time favorite author of fiction. He generally writes about quirky working class people in upstate New York, with which I have some familiarity. Bridge of Sighs is his latest novel and while not as good as Empire Falls for which he won a Pulitzer, still a serviceable read none the less.

I also finally finished The Contrary Farmer by Gene Logsdon. Logsdon has written so many fine books about farming and gardening that I now consider him to be my own personal guru; especially since he lives in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, a mere hour drive from here. I love his contrary, some might even suggest curmudgeonly, take on all aspects of life - be they animal, vegetable or mineral. It certainly sounds like wisdom to me.

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