Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Call Me Crazy

Ouch. This is going to leave a mark. From NRO:

Graveless in Gaza [Lisa Schiffren]

Is this a great Alarabiya headline or what:

Israeli blockade leads to humanitarian disaster
Gaza runs out of cement to build graves

Two humanitarian suggestions:
1 — Gazans could stop killing each other so enthusiastically, so the annual supply of 1000 government provided graves doesn't get used up so fast.
2— Gazans could stop killing Israelis, giving Israel a reason to relax the blockade.
3— (This one is practical, not humanitarian) — Gazans could build a cement factory of their own — since their primary, or perhaps only, natural resource is SAND. That way they could continue murder and mayhem at the rate they are comfortable with — and be able to build all the graves they need. And, an unintended though beneficial side affect might be that they begin to build an economy, too.

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