Thursday, February 22, 2007

Checking In On The Girls

Since we managed to get through this recent bout of winter unpleasantness, M'Lady and I decided to take a stroll (or more to the point, a trudge since there's still a lot on snow out there) around the grounds. While we were out and about, looking in on this and that, we decided to check in on my bees, better known as "the girls" . We circled the hive which was in good order. I put my ear to the hive wall but heard nothing. So, I politely knocked and was rewarded with the buzzing sounds of perturbed bees! They made it too!!!
Click on the picture to get an up close view of one of the girls at work on our cherry tree last spring. I'm adding two more hives in the spring. Things will really be buzzing around here then.

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