Sunday, February 04, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

In an effort to lighten up the tone around here lately (I describe the blog to M'Lady as "all war, all the time") I have linked to a funny and light-hearted post over at Villainous Company. Cassandra was tagged by another blogger to write six weird things about herself and then tag six more bloggers, chain letter fashion. While I won't go so far as to tag my fellow bloggers, I will pick up the challenge on an individual basis.

1. I always write with a fountain pen, when I’m not typing on a laptop keyboard. M’Lady thinks it’s funny!

2. I am in the middle of reading four to six books and as many magazines at any given point in time.

3. I carry a side by side shotgun with high brass shells when I go pheasant hunting and keep buckeyes in my field vest for good luck. It hasn’t improved my aim but I keep thinking it might.

4. I give all of my family members and close friends nicknames, yet I do not have one myself – at least not one that anyone repeats in front of me.

5. One of my undeniable truths of life is that the fewer people that agree with me, the more I know I’m right.

6. I frequently drive much faster than the posted speed limit and consider anyone that passes me to be a public menace. I can also tell the age, gender and parental marital status of my fellow drivers from great distances.

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