Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Huckster Channels Edwards

Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO has this to say about Mike Huckabee's recent comments in Michigan:

"For those of us for whom summer is not a verb, for those of us who didn't go to fancy boarding schools on the east coast, for those of us who didn't grow up with a silver spoon, who were lucky to have a spoon — ask those folks and they'll tell you the economy is not doing well for them," says Huckabee.

Governor, I didn't have silver spoons or boarding schools or a verb summer, but I know enough to thank God for the job creators, the natural economic stimulators, capitalism. Is this the Republican primary or a John Edwards rally?"

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it must be an Edwards rally! The Huckster is not and has never been a conservative and his populist shtick is beginning to wear thin. Is it just me or is it becoming increasing obvious that in the arena of ideas Governor Huckabee can best be described by the old Texas adage "He's all hat and no cattle"?

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