Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's Like Hitting A Fastball

If you think about it - it's over.

The Gun Nut: "I'm indebted to my friend John Thomas for this one. John is a retiree who teaches rich people how to shoot a shotgun, and we were talking the other day about a client of his who couldn't hit a crossing target.
His problem, said John, is he thinks about it. It's a clear case of analysis paralysis.
Truer words were never spoken. If you want to miss with a shotgun, or a rifle in most cases, just think about what you're doing. Gene Hill used to say that the ideal trapshooter would be a gorilla who knew how to handle a gun; he'd be too dumb to analyze, and recoil wouldn't bother him. "

Zen And The Art Of Shotgunning. While you need to be aware of everything around you when handling a firearm, you can't think about what you're doing when actually shooting. Try to explain that to someone that wants to take away your Second Amendment rights.

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