Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why Joe Lieberman Is Being Thrown Out Of The Democratic Party

In the Washington Post today Robert Kagan delineates why Joe Liberman is being given the boot by the Democrats. Is it because he is a "bad" Democrat on social or economic issues? No. Is it because he is a "hawk"?

The Last Honest Man: "No, Lieberman's sin is of a different order. Lieberman stands condemned today because he didn't recant. He didn't say he was wrong. He didn't turn on his former allies and condemn them. He didn't claim to be the victim of a hoax. He didn't try to pretend that he never supported the war in the first place. He didn't claim to be led into support for the war by a group of writers and intellectuals whom he can now denounce. He didn't go through a public show of agonizing and phony soul-baring and apologizing in the hopes of resuscitating his reputation, as have some noted 'public intellectuals.'"

The willfull misleading of the public by various elites both in politics and the media was rampant during the lead up to World War II as well.

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