Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Visit To The Fair

We finally got a break in the hideously hot weather as a line of thunderstorms moved through the area and M'Lady and I decided to take in the county fair this evening. A nice time was had by one and all. We viewed practically every animal on the premises from lamb to draught horse, goat to peacock, bee to bull, not to mention some of the human variations on display. The people watching was particularly good, which I attributed to the musical headliner of the evening - Styx. They were bad enough the first time around and I doubt they have improved while playing county fairs for $30 a head.

M'Lady took particular interest in the duck races the children held. Pet ducks raised by the contestants were simultaneously released inside 10 foot long pens and encouraged to run to the opposite end by much table top banging. Good, clean fun that even the ducks seemed to enjoy and not a PETA member in sight.

And since much of life consists of good timing, the last words I heard the announcer say as we walked out the front gate were "Styx will be coming on stage in two minutes and tickets are still available....".

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