Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Midterm Madness

Madness indeed. Jack Murtha is a disgrace as a former Marine and a member of the United States House of Representatives. I can only imagine the type of voter that would be swayed by his appearance at a campaign rally.

Midterm Madness: "MURTHA ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL. The Hill reports that Rep. John Murtha will stump for 41 House Democrats throughout the country as November nears. Two years ago he campaigned for none. But since then he's come out against the war, allowing the hawkish congressman to gain a whole new fan base."

The truly sad part of all of this is that Murtha is making these appearances for political "chits". The Democrats are already beginning to divide up the spoils of a mid-term election rout of the Republicans before the votes have even been counted. One can only wonder at the horrors in store for this nation if the Appeasement Party takes control of the House and/or the Senate.

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